Saturday, July 02, 2005


wow.. its been too long. Was plannin on updatin a long time ago but juz too caught up in other stuff. Exams are over n have been for a while... back in singapore now. Being back is weird.. mixed feelings. I'm definately missing perth.. its too hot here man.. im dying. Seriously. Ugh i dunno... i feel so misplaced.. disoriented.. family n friends are here but Perth still feels lyk home. I miss my room.. i miss bangin down karen's door.. miss hangin wit bhav.. miss goin for lectures.. miss wakin up at odd hours like 4am to study and then goin down for yummy hot breakfast in currie.. miss him. Heh. One and a half years ragi.. do something. :

Laptop's screwed up.. stupeed spyware shite. Anywayss juz got back a couple hours ago from clubbin.. was good fun. Tha Wu was boring though but it was so nice chillin wit mah girlies after so long.. its been a good wk la.. i luff local food.. its the yummiest. Too many thoughts runnin through my head.. its like a big mess up there. I need to go to church.. need solitude. I also need to do something about my hair.. its as messed up as my head.. humidity is an evil thing. I'm bein totally random now.. need sleep. Laterz.

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SassyKitten said...

u lucky devil! I want local food toooooooooooooo! Stingray sambal...ahhhhhhhh