Sunday, July 17, 2005

baby i'm back

Finally back in perth.. 3wks couldnt have ended any sooner. My last wk in S'pore centered around fooooodddd.. ate lyk a cow. After clearin all my papers i was finally having fun without anything naggin me at the back of my head.
Spent my last night in cheekys.. i luff cheekys man.. i don't care wat everyone else thinks of the place.. there's juz smth abt the place that makes me feel right at home. After clubbin i went for my last supper (for the next 4 months at least) at the prata shop.. Man i'm gonna miss prata big time.. prata is the shiokesttt.. especially the cheese prata at my fav. shop.. and the bee hoon goreng.. YUMMM. My flight was at 9.30 am so i stayed up and went to the airport straight.

When i was checking into my flight the guy at the counter said that the flight was overbooked and asked if i would consider taking the 6.30pm flight.. and they'd lyk give me a $500 voucher n all.. sounded lyk a pretty good deal so i said ok n he told me that i'll know at 9am if they needed my help so i had to wait around the airport for an hour.. and finally they said that they didn't really need my help so i can take the original flight but to show me their appreciation for waitin around lyk a fool they upgraded me to biz class. BUSINESS CLASS! I've always wanted to travel biz class haha.. was quite happenin.. so much leg room!! And the food.. it was a good experience la.

I landed in Perth a little after 2pm.. the lack of sleep was catchin up wit me n i couldnt wait to get back to currie n sleeeppp. After chillin wit Karen for a bit i took a nap and woke up at night.. juz in time to take a shower n hit Metrossss. Metro was great as usual. Ahh.. mann how i missed this place.. i'm actually lookin forward to Uni starting. Goin for lectures.. hangin out at the guild cafe.. goin Margeaux n crashin at Feddys later.. totally lookin forward to all that.

Here's to a brand new semester.

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