Tuesday, March 06, 2007

i'm soo irritateddddd.. ok for all those who have been faithful followers of my blog (Ha!) u'll know that i was quite into Nip/Tuck at one point of time when i was in Perth.. borrowed the dvdz from Video Ezy n had some massive marathon in my room all.. so i've finished watchin season 1 & 2 and now they're showin season 3 in Singapore on Channel 5.. Mondays at 10.30 BUT u knoe me right i'm hardly ever home at that time.. so i've only watched maybe one episode.. so i went to peekvid and alluc to check out if they had season 3.. peekvid only has seasons 1 & 4 and alluc only has seasons 1& 2! Where's 3????

Anywaysss.. had my second test for my fin. planning thing yesterdae.. i passed! Quite happy n proud of myself haha.. i actualli did study for this test lyk a wk before the date.. i don't think i've done that for any test in Uni.. of course for exams i would study la but not for tests.. i remember going clubbin the night before my S.E.A economic history test haha.. and in my first semester i had a micro-econz midsem and i only found out the day before.. i juz casually asked my neighbour in Currie who was also doin the same course when our micro econz midsem was and she was lyk "umm.. tmw??" .. haha needless to say i failed the mid-sem AND the module :( My only repeat module in Uni la.. but so un-necessary.. it really could have been avoided.. one of the few regretz in life heh.. anyways i digress.. So yes i've done two out of three tests for fin. planning and m left with the last one which is supposedly some scary maths module.. hopefully i clear it on the first try as well.

Shola's most prob goin aussie on saturdae.. i'm so so so unbelievably jealous.. argh i can't even talk abt the place la i'll get all emo haha.. i realli realli love it there.. would give anything to back.. *mope* OKKK i hafta go do this major chore now (wash my hair) and get ready to meet my yummy boy.. Dun worry sexy if i go aussie i'll lyk smuggle u in with me ok.. and u'll see why i'm so in love with the place. I think its mostly the fact that my hair is so damn nice in Perth haha.. amazing wat wonders the lack of humidity can do.. and dont even get me started on the shopping.. OK NO MORE! I'm off now!

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