Saturday, June 07, 2008

Usually to get to work i take a bus to raffles hotel and walk the remaining 10-15 mins to Outback. Today when i got off the bus i was wondering if i should just take another bus to Suntec since it was raining .. but i decided to save my 60 cents and walk cuz i had an umbrella.. and i thought.. its just 7 mins to the sheltered Suntec area.. how bad can it be.. omg.. never under-estimate the forces of nature. One minute it might seem like just the usual passing cloud.. and the next.. strong winds and heavy rain coming in from every direction that even an umbrealla doesnt help.

When i first started making my way to suntec the weather was still "under control".. halfway through.. the rain got heavier.. and wind got stronger. The whole right side of my body was getting soaked and I was mentally kicking myself for wearing shorts and slippers.. of all the bloody days to make un-wise wardrobe descisions. Since misery does love company, I peeked out from under my big umbrella hoping to see other pedestrians running for sheltar.. but i guess all the other (smart) people in Singapore were probably taking a bus from raffles hotel or using the underpass from cityhall MRT cause i was the only one walking in this insane thunderstorm. I was half walking and half jogging as fast as my big duffel bag and soggy slippers would allow.. playing tug of war with the wind that was determined to take my umbrella, my only source of sheltar at this point though i was already 75% drenched.. trying unsucessfully to dodge the big puddles of water that were everywhere, shivering while waiting forever for the stupid traffic light man to turn green. After wat seemed like a lifetime i finally made it to my here i am.. soggy slippers.. soggy clothes.. freezing in my office.. and i have to say.. that was probably the most fun i've had in a very long time. :)

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