Wednesday, June 04, 2008


i have no words.

Had a pretty alright weekend.. saturday was the last day of the month so i had to do stock take.. which means my saturday was pretty much burnt.. started at 4 and ended at close to 11.. but i had a break in between from 7-9.30 so i went down to see the little munchkin.. he's so bloody cute la. Im going to kidnap him one day. After stock take i went to clarke quay to meet shola n mali.. mal was already at coffee club with her friends so sho n i juz went n plopped ourselves next to them like a couple of extras.. ok coffee club has some yummy lookin stuff on their menu.. and they have strawberry shortcake! My long lost lauuu! So i got that and this banana smoothie thingy which i ended up not really liking cause it had hazelnut syrup in it.. m not really a fan of drinks with hazelnut flavour.. now chocolates are a different story of course. :) Mal disappeared to Goth so sho n i were just chilling the whole time.. reminiscing about old times.. was really fun.. i think ive said this abt a million times but i really just love chilling over yummy food and wine on a saturday night.. clubbing just tires me out majorly and I end up having no energy to do anything on the next day.. and i really needed to save my energy cuz the next day was an important day.

Sunday was mine n boyfriend's anniversary.. :) We went for a lomanteec dinner at long john silvers haha.. i was really craving the fries tho so its ok.. but sadly LJS fries are the only thing that's yummy.. the rest of their stuff tastes kinda stale i think. After dinner i dragged him to Riciotti cuz i've been craving their dessert n yummy wine for like 2 weeks already.. we got like 3 desserts to share, he got a beer and i got my wine.. dessert n drinks came up to like 5 times more than what we spent on dinner ha.. but so yummyyy.. m gonna try to pscyho him into going back there for dinner soon :) I guess it was a pretty low-key celebration but he had an exam on Monday so we decided to do something simple.. we might have a proper celebration this weekend or something.. if we're both up for it... maybe dinner at my new favourite SECRET place near his house.. mwaha. Ok im such a loser i know but i just want to be selfish and have this place all to myself cuz i think not that many people know about its existence. Although i think if we do end up having dinner there i'll prob blog about it so.. I might just reveal this mysterious place in the end. So stay tuned. *evil laughter, quite like the one at the end of MJ's "thriller" ;) *

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