Thursday, May 01, 2008

exhaustedddddddddddddddddd. I cant believe the public hol that i was lookin forward to for the last two wks has come n almost goneeeeeee. Today was the bomb though.. I actually wanted to do something realli fun last night.. sholabu came to meet me for dinner during my 2+ hour break from work and I managed to convince her that Outback was the way to go :) I love the pasta at outback la.. yum.. sho n i ordered many yum food.. n then sivalam came abit later n we were all chillin.. n then around 9ish i had to get back to work for the last bit of my stocktake which ended pretty fast..n then went back to the table to chill with the bestu friends.. n then shawn n mal came later n ordered food.. n then we went to cineleisure but there was nothing nice showing.. n then we went home.. n then... the end. :) I was realli so super tired la.. i was quite irritated with myself cuz i had all these big plans in my head to go for drinks and chill at some nice place with the boy but in the end i had absolutely no energy.. :(

But its ok today more than made up for it.. woke up around 10ish.. got ready then met malibooze, prawn n shola then we went to pick up steph n triston n we all went to have brunch at dempseyyyy. The weather was bloody insane.. so hot la.. i left the house feelin all glamorous but that feeling quickly dissipated after ten mins of walkin around in the hot sun with my hair stickin to my face. Our first stop was go-go bambinis.. its like this sorta playland for kiddies la n there's a cafe too.. we were initially gonna eat there but the menu wasnt too exciting so after letting tristy play around for abit we decided to go to P.S cafe.

Aiyoh the little one is truly very cute.. he's starting to say a few words and one of the words happens to be "mei-mei".. apparently she's his manjan girlfriend la.. i sorta knew that he was very attached to her n i just brushed it off as puppy love but after i heard that he can say her name all PLUS the way he says her nameeee.. its sooo cute and with so much passion.. i realised it was true love la haha.. i was trying to take a video of him saying "meimei" with my phone but then he saw my phone and uncle and mobile phones are quite inseperable la.. once he sees a phone he MUST have it so my video plan was foiled : and he was so happy at bambini's in the play pen thingy.. there's this damn cute pic of him buried under all the balls and its on mal's camera so maybe i'll post it up lyk in a couple of months or something la haha okkkk jokee aunty maliiii :)

P.S. cafe was, again, nothing short of gorgeousness.. i really wanted to sit at the couch area but the section was closed.. think there was a bday party or something la.. but its ok the whole place is velli pretty so doesnt really matter. The brunch menu was not very extensive.. i was tryin to decide btwn the banana bread and the museli.. e museli sounded realli good and came with like alot of other extra toppings but 19 bucks for museli was really abit too much for me so decided on the banana bread instead.. which was like a dollar cheaper haha. OK i know banana bread sounds very unhappening but omg the presentation la.. this place realli puts so much effort into the presentation and it really sucks that they dont allow photography.. the dish consists of two slices of banana bread, bananas, berries and a dallop of mascarpone cheese. It was damn shiok.. but really meant for sharing.. got a bit gelat after a while.. and we also got the yummy friesssssssss. Im not kidding bout my laus for the fries k.. i even ordered a second round towards the end. During brunch steph suggested we go swimming at the pool near her house so after P.S we walked back to the car in the scorching heat then took a mini road trip around singapore to get everyone's respective swimwear *props to malibooze for giving us a lift around spore* Unfortunately sho had to ditch us for her stylo dinner at hyatt.. apparently she's too cool to be hanging out with us peasants :)

Swimming was so fun laaa.. little Miss Corcica joined us and we were all so entertained by triston's antics.. and i think the rest were also entertained by my awesome swim fashion.. hey goggles and swim caps are totally in ok. We left the pool after an hour.. went back to steph's house n i left soon after.. was really tired n i had dinner waiting at home for me. M realli bushed.. think im gonna sleep earlier than usual today.. m already yawning every ten seconds. Sigh as much as the past few wkends have been the bomb i think i need to relax abit.. take it easy on the wallet little bit la.. how come nothing awesome like winning the lottery has ever happened to meeeeeeeee :(

Ok on second thoughts lets scratch that sleep early plan.. juz realised they're showing failure to launch on cable and it ends at 1am.. and we all know that i HAVE to watch it right. Ok m off to crash on the floorrrrrr.

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