Friday, March 27, 2009

lets get it onnnnnnnnn

oh matt.. wat a tease u are. Yes i'm 16 again.. im a full-fledged Matt Groupie!

On a less stalkerish note.. i cut my hair again! ha yeappp.. it was abit of a flop at first and i was reallyyyyyyy sad when i stepped out of the salon. Miserable to be exact.. i cried. Heh yea it was really quite a disaster.. and i couldnt even try to mess around with it cuz i had just rebonded my hair(yes im a sellout!) so couldnt touch it.. but on Monday night after an embear day at work(don't know if i was bein paranoid but cud have sworn ppl were bitchin abt my do) i came home determined to revamp.. and with some wax and shifting my parting from the left to the right.. i actually kinda like it now! And been getting some not so bad reviews.. so yea guess it's cool now.. still not totally what i wanted but hey at least i don't hate it. Yay :)

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