Monday, October 03, 2005

Back to Uni

Spring Break.. its almost over. Two wks flashed by juz like that.. This whole year's been a real blur.. i can't believe its almost ending and 2006 is near. The last two wks were great.. i was back in Singapore for ten days.. and it was awesome. I ate allll the yummy food.. prata, kayatoast, coffee club.. SWENSONS! Ohh yum swensons!! Call me an ulu bird but i had never tried the fish and chips from swensons until i went back this time.. n shared it wit Malibu.. and YUMMMYYY.. its seriously the yummiest. Argh i wish they had a swensons here in Perth. I also went for the Black Eyed Peas concert wit mal at the Indoor Stadium.. was pretty good though our seats were quite far back.. n i kept comparing it to the Sean Paul concert that i went for last April in perth. The Sean Paul concert was the bomb.. we were RIGHT in the front and there werent any seats so everyone was standing n dancing n screamin their lungs out. And we had the most amazing view of the hottie himself. Him and his pelvic thrusts.. *grrrr* ;)

Im seriously craving the fish n chips man.. plus alot of other snackish crap.. Im in this most major peckish mood. Craving chocolate.. and pancakes.. and fried rice.. and this yummy kachang that bhav n I have been cravin since friday. Argh im gettin all depressed juz thinking abt the yummy junk that i cant have right now. Gonna go n finish up my tute.. its back to school.. 4 more wks and then its over.. exam time. My exam timetable SUCKSSSSSSS.. exams r from 5th-18th novemeber.. n my dates are 14,16,17,18.. three days in a row.. im gonna dieee! i had a three day in a row experience in my first semester.. n i almost wanted to kill myself. I hate my time table!!! Why couldnt i have gotten at least two papers in the first wk of exams.. its all crammed into the last wk.. ugh I cant go to Margeaux wit everyone else cuz ill be studying.. but i guess the one good thing is at least i'll have my birthday untouched by the exams. Birthday's on 3/11 (hint hint) so can still afford to spend a day and enjoy b4 i get back to slogging. M sooo not lookin forward to exam time this sem.. its so different not havin Karen around to go down for hot breakfast with.. hot brekkie was kinda the highlight of exam study break n exam wk.. i miss u Karen Chu!!

Weather's still been crappy.. its supposed to be raining almost of whole next wk.. where the hell is Spring man..

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