Monday, October 24, 2005


OMG!!! AUSTRALIA!!! WAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLEEEEEE!?!?!?! I cannot believe that Anne got voted off aussie idol.. wat the hell!?!?!? WAT THE HELL!!!!!??? This is a bloody joke mate! It was bad enuff last wk with Emily in the bottom 3.. and now this?!? And Lee's performance last nite was sooooooo BLEHHH! He should haf been in the bottom 3 in stead of Anne!! And Daniel obviously had to go! Yea he sang well last night but his performance in the previous wks was just average. Anne's a star! She's a hottie who's got so much attitude n such a great voice and personality AND THIS IS CRAP!!!!!!!! I cant believe this... its bullshit.

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2Dicey said...

hello's thiru!