Monday, October 10, 2005


Current time : 5.08pm
Currently listenin too: Hypnotic by syleena n fabolous( i lurvee this song)

My body clock is majorly screwed up.. been trying to get to sleep at a decent hour for the longest time but it's just not working out. I can't seem to fall asleep b4 6am.. and then i end up oversleeping n missin my classes.. i need to get my clock back on track! Right now i'm so stoned cuz i slept at 8am n woke up at 2pm(n missed half a lecture and a tute) which is quite reasonable cuz that's abt 6 hrs of sleep..but for some reason i'm juz havin the worst headache.. i think its the stress. Its almost end of semester so all projects n presentations are due soon .. n as usual the last minute queen is rushin through her last minute stuff.

My newest dvd addiction is "Nip/Tuck".. just started watchin it last wk on dvd and im kinda hooked. The show really grows on you.. I personally don't think its as good as my other favourites like Sex and the City or O.C .. im more into the less intense kinda dramas but i have to admite Nip/Tuck is super addictive. Im done wit the first season n waitin to get the second season from Video Ezy. That is after im done wit all my assignments.. don't need anymore distraction than i already have..

Ohh how could i forgot.. it's my dad's birthday todae .. Happy Birthday Daddddyyy! I feel lyk such a useless daughter cuz i havent mailed his pressie yet.. will do it soon i promise!

Time is passin by too slowly today.. its only 5.15.. i still got an hour b4 i go down for dinner n im very tempted to take a nap but i know i mite quite possibly juz knock out.. wish there were interestin shows on T.V.. it seems like juz when i get a T.V in my room they stopped showin all the nice programs. I remember my first yr in Perth.. they used to have Sex and the City.. and Queer Eye.. and then last semester was the O.C and Desperate Housewives.. this semester when i get a T.V.. NOTHING. At first they used to air Friends at 5p.m but then they stopped.. Aussie T.V sucks la.. i miss cable!! I miss my HBO n Starworld.. n Sun T.V!!! Sho n I used to stay over at my place n watch Sun T.V at like 3 in the mornin n make fun of the "jinkachaz" and their saris n their "dance moves".. ok mebe thats a bit evil n traitorfied to our culture but im sorry.. some of the stuff is whack. But still.. good entertainment man.

Ah.. 5.20 pm.. after all that typing n only 5 mins have passed.. this is useless. M gonna go lie down n if i konk out then TOO BAD. M grumpy as usual.. my mood swings r scary. Need sleep. Need food. Need holiday.


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