Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Come Back

he's gone n i dunno when im gonna c him again.. everytime i walk past his block i look up at his window n the white light that's usually turned on is now off and all i c is the darkness and i can feel the emptiness of his room from where i stand and i know that emptiness too well. Who's to judge who u can have feelings for.. if its your best friend or if its a complete stranger. It catches u unprepared, this feeling, you don't know till its too much, too deep.. too late. U dont know why.. u dont know how.. but u just know. And u know u'll never be the same again. You can't believe a complete stranger has such an effect on u.. someone u've never spoken too but feels lyk u've know them forever. Why do we have to say good bye.. I hate this. Hate not knowing. Hate not seeing. Hate being far away..

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