Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Happy Deepavaliiiiiii!!! :)

Heyyyy.. deepavali vaazhthukal! haha mannn this is when i miss home. I juz wanna go back for one day for deepavali n come back.. Miss the movie marathon on central the night b4.. wit some lame ass local variety show to usher in the festival.. miss prayers in the morning where my dad does the whole oil thing.. i miss the things that i do for deepavali every yr when i was back home. Heh it realli sucks being away at this time of the year. But i hafta admit my day turned out pretty ok. Went to Annalakshmi for dinner ( decked in some "jang" saree) n chilled for a bit.. i know it doesn't sound like much but it was pretty cool. Better than nothing i guess. Anyways im not realli in the mood to celebrate.. stressed abt upcoming exams.. hafta get back to studying now. 3 more wks.. i cant believe its come down to 3 more wks.. it still amazes me how time passes by so damn quickly over here. N for the millionth time im acknowledging that im prob in a state of denial.. i hate thinking abt leaving Currie.. i realli do love it here.. minus the food bit. Oh well.. its all part of growing up i guess. Speakin of growing up.. guess which of ya favourite girl's bdae's comin up reallllll sooonnnn :D hahah

K..gonna get back to da books n ilectures. Thank God for ilectures man.. they shud b compulsory for all units.

Im outtie.

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