Saturday, November 12, 2005

Should i stay or should i go

How did it get to this, to be so smitten and feel pure bliss
A smile that's all it took, since then i wait for u to turn and look
Waitin for u to open ur eyes and see, this undeniable effect u have on me
How is it possible to know every inch of your face
Im tryna remember how i got here in the first place
Eventhough there have been others in between, others that make me wanna convince the person within
Others, that in comparison, seem so right for me after so long
But for once in my life i'm not choosing right over wrong
There have been moments, when im convinced this feeling will go away
And think all i need is a distraction, another toy to play
So i surround myself with people, hoping to be free
But by doing so i only get more tangled up in this web of emotions, unable to breathe
So i close my eyes and suddenly everything becomes clear again
As everyone else falls away, there you still remain.

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