Sunday, February 01, 2009

the little one is in hospital.. some bacteria thing in his intestines i think.. Kaart and i went to visit him today at Gleneagles. He was still quite cheerful and all despite being on drips.. i'm sure that thing poking thru his hand can't be the nicest feeling in the world, but he's a trooper. Gleneagles is right next to botanical gardens so Kaart and i decided to be romantic and spontaneous and explore the gardens after leaving the hospital. Botancial gardens is sooo pretty man, i havent been there in like close to twenty years i swear! I really wanna go back for a picnic.. think it would be lovely on a nice sunny wkend afternoon with good friends and yummy food. The two of us were being very touristy and trying to take pictures of ourselves with the nice backdrops.. was quite fun la. It was a good day. :)

Yesterday was stock take.. i ended at 10ish then went to UE square to meet sho and some of her friends. Drinking at UE square before clubbing seems to be the tradition so there was some socializing and then we headed down to Obar. The last time i went there was last year for cheryl's birthday and i hadn't gone back since because i'm not a huge fan of that place.. but i've been hearing better reviews lately so decided to give it another shot. Actually i was having alot of fun at first and thought maybe i was abit unfair in writing it off .. but.. i dunno why la i think it's cuz i have a very low tolerance level and i get irritated very fast by the smallest things so after a while i was back to being anti O bar (through no fault of its own i'm sure).. i don't think i'll go back unless all of my favourite people are going.. or if its some really important person's birthday.

I miss liking clubbing. I mean.. my clubbing days were REALLY fun.. it's just not the same anymore.. think i need to find a new club that's got an older fun crowd. O bar was swarming with young farts. But.. i also like my chillout nights at BQ or dempsey..ugh. I'm like in this in-between stage.. i feel like giving clubbing another chance butttt it also seems quite futile. Actually.. this shouldn't be the biggest of my worries right now right.. yea. Shouldnt sweat the petty stuff.. and shouldn't pet the sweaty stuff. Heeee :)

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